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A food festival in Melton Mowbray, a week in Wales, the whole family getting ill, Ben standing up against things and sticking his tongue out a lot, 1 all weekend gig

Best album of recent times
Gotthard – Bang (2014)
Issa - Can’t Stop (2012)
KXM – KXM (2014) - (George Lynch, Dug Pinnick)
Night Ranger – High Road (2014)
Soundgarden - King Animal (2012)

Gotthard – Bang (2014)

Best album from ages past
Stan Bush - Stan Bush (1983)
Stan Bush - Every Beat of My Heart (1992)
Stan Bush - Dial 818 888-8638 (1993)
Stan Bush - The Child Within (1996)
Stan Bush - Call to Action (1997)
Stan Bush - Language of the Heart (2001)
Stan Bush - Shine (2004)

Stan Bush - Every Beat of My Heart (1992)
Stan Bush - Call to Action (1997) is a little bit better, mainly because most of it is songs from other albums or singles, so maybe more of a best of.

Best best of album
Leonard Cohen - The Essential Leonard Cohen

Gig of the Month
Firefest Friday (Angels Or Kings, Redrum, Circus Maximus, Shy, The Poodles, Ten, Heat) @ Rock City 25th October
Firefest Saturday Rage Of Angels, From The Fire, Boulevard, Babylon Ad, Pretty Maids, Back ‘N’ Blue, Firehouse @ Rock City 26th October
Firefest Sunday (Axxis, Cita / Guild Of Ages, Touch, Brother Firetribe, Autograph, Danger Danger) @ Rock City 27th October

Friday was the best day overall and top bands were Circus Maximus, Shy, The Poodles, Ten, Heat, Boulevard, Back ‘N’ Blue, Touch, Brother Firetribe

Film on TV

Top purchase
Kel bought a NutraBullet high speed blender thingy. Mainly for vegfruit smoothies but I wonder if I could whip up a good milkshake in it.

November has 3 teenagers staying at my house, a twin christening, a couple of legend gigs, Bens bday, family photo shoot and 2.5 days off
Tags: eom
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