Boo Who? (baggy) wrote,
Boo Who?


Figuring out how the household works with 4 of us.

Best album of recent times
Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror (2015)
Muse – Drones (2015) CD – A very good album but only just pipped by
Spock’s Beard - The Oblivion Particle CD (2015)

Best album from ages past
Two Of A Kind - Two Of A Kind (2007) (Boston meets Heart)
Gig of the Month
Spock’s Beard – Tue 29 Sept @ Rescue Rooms

Film on TV
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Horrible Bosses 2

Rewatched Film on TV
The calm the child down movies:
Happy Feet
Monsters University
Monsters, Inc

Top purchase
X-hose power washer
Chromecast – so I don’t have to watch Netflix through the Wii – Also good for showing photos of babies
Jungle bed for Ben
Watch with fabric strap – because I don’t like pastic or metal but I like digital

October has 5 days off work and trips to the zoo and other fun Ben time days, and 2 nights way for his Mummy & Daddy for a melodic rock festival :)
Tags: eom
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