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Naughty Ben. Lovely Ben. Not going to bed Ben. Max giggling. Max growing. Max swimming.

Best album of recent times
Art Nation – Revolution (2015)
Cutting Crew - Add To Favourites (2015)
Europe – War Of Kings (2015)
Helloween - My God-Given Right (2015)
Houston – Relaunch II (2015)
Ulysses - #eMotion (2015)
Spock's Beard - Falling for Forever

I’m Loving Ghost - Meliora (2015) & Rocket Scientists – Refuel (2015) but once again the wealth of talent in Flying Colors - Second Nature (2014) lifts it a touch higher.

Also special mention for song of the month Spock's Beard - Falling for Forever downloaded from their best of album and featuring all 3 vocalists.

Best album from ages past
Ulysses - Symbioses (2003) - The Gift Of Tears (2008) – Prog Metal From Holland
Ghost – Infestissumam (2013) – Swedish rock band with unknown musicians (nameless ghouls) and a classic rock feel.

Gig of the Month
King King / Terrorvision / Thunder @ Concert Hall Mon 15 Feb
Melted Space / Myrath / Symphony X @ The Robin 2, Bilston Fri 12 Feb

Cinema film of the Month

Film on TV
Jupiter Ascending
Project Almanac
Seventh Son
Now You See Me
Bound To Vengeance

Favourites are
Best action - John Wick
Best animated - Big Hero 6
Best gripping child abduction drama Prisoners
Best sci-fi - Tomorrowland: A World Beyond + Chappie

Best DVD bought

Top purchase
Annual pass to Wheelgate kids adventure park.

March has 1 days (+2 bank hols) off work, 1 gigs, a meal out without the kids
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