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Butlins, sunshine, rain, sunshine, BBQ, a better back :)

Best album of recent times
David Bowie – Black Star (2016)
Cats In Space – Too Many Gods (2015)
Elton John – Wonderful Crazy Night (2016)
The Feeling – The Feeling (2016)
Judas Priest – Redeemer Of Souls (2014)
Level 10 – Chapter One (2015)
RPWL – Wanted (2015)
Subsignal - The Beacons Of Somewhere Sometime (2015)
The Tangent - A Spark In The Aether (2015)

I’m mostly enjoying Elton John, The Feeling, Subsignal, The Tangent and a draw between the melodic (70s influenced) rock of Cats In Space – Too Many Gods (2015) and melodic (Pink Floyd influenced) RPWL – Wanted (2015)

Best album from ages past
Terrorvision – Super Delux (2011)
Moon Safari - A Doorway To Summer (2005) / [Blomljud] (2008) / Lover's End (2010) / Himlabacken Vol.1 (2013) - Symphonic Prog from Sweden
Moon Safari are great. Beach Boys meets Yes and other prog stuff. Tough to choose just one, but I think I’ll go for Moon Safari - A Doorway To Summer (2005)

Gig of the Month
ELO @ Notts Arena - Thur 7th April
Fish @ Rock City – Sun 10th April

Cinema film of the Month
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Film on TV
Jurassic World
Terminator: Genisys
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Best DVD bought
V For Vendetta

May has 4 days off work, 2 gigs
Tags: eom
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