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Chicken! Birthday! Chicken!

Best album from recent times
In the last few years I have mainly listened to new music unless a gig of certain bands was coming up. This year every other month or so I will try and revisit some of the albums that have been collecting dust in the mp3 drive :)

Gig of the Month
Jack & The Beanstalk (PANTO!) Sun 8 Jan @ Theatre Royal
Sunny Afternoon (Kinks musical) Wed 25 Jan @ Theatre Royal
Glenn Hughes Thu 26 Jan @ Rescue Rooms

Cinema film of the Month
I wanted to see Split & T2: Trainspotting 2, but there was no time

Film on TV
Odd Thomas
Sausage Party
Central Intelligence
Alice Through The Looking Glass
Jason Bourne
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
Cop Car

I enjoyed all films this month. I think Ben has influenced me on my decision seeming as we’ve had to put on Alice Through The Looking Glass about 10 times (although it has to start 14 minutes in when they get to Wonderland as 3 year olds are not bothered with real things).

Top purchase
For my birthday I got a Stormtrooper Bluetooth speaker. So far it’s mostly been playing kids songs via my phone. I best get saving for a Bluetooth Walkman.

February has 1 days off work, 2 gigs
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