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My word doc with the info on become corrupted, TWICE, hope I remember. Stoopid USB stick.
Oh yeah, a 10 day holiday in Holland + theme park attached. 4 adults, 5 kids, hard work but fun in places. Also Max turned into a 2 year old :o

Best album from recent times
Blackfield - Blackfield V (2017)
James Blunt – The Afterlove (2017)
The Ferrymen - The Ferrymen (2017) - Ronnie Romero)
Inglorious - Inglorious II (2017)
Labyrinth - Architecture of a God (2017)
Night Ranger - Don't Let Up (2017)
Retrospective - TEOTW (The End Of Their World) –EP (2016) / Re:Search (2017) - Polish progressive rock
T - Fragmentropy (2015) Epistrophobia (2017) - German prog artist

Inglorious, Night Ranger and Retrospective are good but there’s some great melody and lyrics that I like in Ten – Gothica (2017)

Best album from ages past
The Hoosiers - The Illusion of Safety (2010) / The News from Nowhere (2014)
Retrospective - The Spectrum Of The Green Morning – EP (2007) / Stolen Thoughts (2008) / Lost in Perception (2012) - Polish progressive rock
White Willow - Ignis Fatuus (1995) / Ex Tenebris (1998) / Sacrament (2000) / Storm Season (2004) / Signal to Noise (2006) / Terminal Twilight (2011) - Norwegian Neo-Medieval Folk art rock band.

Retrospective - Lost in Perception (2012)

Gig of the Month
No gigs in August

Cinema film of the Month
As there were no gigs I thought why not do a cinema free month.

Film on TV
The Circle – People stood in a circle scifi
I Don’t Want To Live In This World Anymore – Black comedy drama
Blood Father – Mel Gibson action
What We Become – Foreign zombies
Abattoir – Spooky horror

ARQ – Time loops are nearly always interesting.

Army Of One – Amusing true story of a man hunting Bin Laden, Nicholas Cage is brilliant.

Top purchase
New paw patrol bed for Max

Sept has 1 day off and 2 gigs.
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