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Loving watching the boys get excited over Crimbo lights, decorations and all things Crimbo-y :)

Best album from recent times
Stan Bush – Change The World (2017)
Heaven & Earth – Hard To Kill (2017)
Rick Springfield - Rocket Science (2016)
White Willow - Future Hopes (2017) - 7th album by Norwegian prog band featuring new vocalist Norwegian pop sensation Venke Knutson.

Stan Bush – Change The World (2017)

Best album from ages past
Bread (1969) / Manna (1971) / Baby I'm-a Want You (1972) / Guitar Man (1972) /
Fish On Friday – Shoot The Moon (2010) / Airborne (2012) – Belgian prog
David Gates - First (1973) / Never Let Her Go (1975) / Goodbye Girl (1978) / Falling in Love Again(1979) / Take Me Now (1981) / Love Is Always Seventeen (1994)

Fish On Friday – Shoot The Moon (2010)
But if we’re going loong ages then all the bread albums with Bread (1969) just pipping.

Best best of album
Now That’s What I Call Country CD3

Gig of the Month
The Darkness @ Rock City Sat 2 Dec
Queen + Adam Lambert @ Notts Arena Tue 5 Dec – An outstanding gig.
Gogol Bordello @ Rock City Sat 16 Dec

Cinema Film Of The Month
Star Wars: Episode VII – The Last Jedi

Film on TV
Ibiza Undead
The Great Wall
Assassin’s Creed
Within (2016)
A Christmas Horror Story

My faves are Life, The Babysitter, Little Evil, Death Note and despite some reviews I quite liked Bright

Best DVD bought
Micky Flanigan – An’ Another Fing

DVD watched
Micky Flanigan – An’ Another Fing

Top purchase
I think I forgot to mention I had a new phone in October – Samsung Galaxy S7 – The old S6 will become a play thing for the kids

January has 2 days off work, 5 gigs and my birthday.
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