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Ben’s first cinema experience which he handled rather well.

Best album from recent times (3 years)
Boulevard - IV: Luminescence (2017)
Fabio Lione & Alessandro Conti - Lione/Conti (2018)
Joe Satriani - What Happens Next (2018)
Mark Slaughter - Halfway There (2017)
Spock’s Beard - Snow Live (2017) CD
Sweet & Lynch - Unified (2017)
Steve Walsh - Black Butterfly (2018)

Gungfly - On Her Journey To The Sun (2017) - Rikard Sjoblom (ex-Beardfish)

Best album from recent ages past (Y2K+)
Gungfly - Please Be Quiet (2009) / Lamentations (2011) - Rikard Sjoblom (ex-Beardfish)
Wilko Johnson / Roger Daltry – Going Back Home (2014)
Lord Classic - Lord Classic (2015)

Best album from ages past (Y2K-)
Noiseworks - Noiseworks (1987) / Touch (1988) / Love Versus Money (1991) CD
Target - Target (1976) / Captured (1977) / In Range (1979) – Featuring Jimi Jamison (R.I.P)

Gig of the Month
Cutting Crew, Nik Kershaw, Go West @ Notts Concert Hall Sat 24 Feb

Cinema Film Of The Month
Early Man (with Ben)
Black Panther
Coco (with Ben)

Film on TV
A Cure For Wellness
Chips: Law And Disorder
King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword
Escape Room
The Cloverfeild Paradox
Fast & Furious 8
Killing Hasselhoff
The Mummy

Enjoyed Baywatch, The Cloverfeild Paradox, Killing Hasselhoff and A Cure For Wellness

Top purchase
Sage By Heston Blumenthal The Nutri Juicer - I’m not keen on juiced stuff (too frothy) but Mrs B likes it.
Integral Courier 32 GB USB Flash Drive-Blue – Because My old one is falling apart after a decade.

March has 1.5 days off work, 2 gigs
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