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Escape room, being paid to eat chocolate, melting in the heat, a wedding doo, a BBQ with rain.

Best album from recent times (3 years)
Arena – Double Vision (2018) CD
Blaze Bayley - The Redemption of William Black (2018)
Martina Edoff – We Will Align (2017)
Lonely Robot - The Big Dream (2017)
Nad Sylvan – The Bride Said No (2017)
Trillium - Tectonic (2018) – Vocalist Amanda Somerville
Vandroya – Beyond The Human Mind (2017)

Great stuff from Lonely Robot & Nad Sylvan but even through it was a grower I enjoyed Arena – Double Vision (2018) CD

Best album from recent ages past (Y2K+)
Nelson – Lightning Strikes Twice (2010) / Peace Out (2015)
Quidam - The Time Beneath The Sky (2002) / SurREvival (2005) / Alone Together (2007) / Saiko (2012)

Best album from ages past (Y2K-)
The Nelsons - Brother Harmony (1998)
Quidam – Quidam (1996) / Sny aniołów (Angels' Dreams) (1998)

Gig of the Month
Sons Of Apollo @ Rescue Rooms Sun 8th Jul
Del Amitri @ Notts Concert Hall Wed 25 July O-29

Cinema Film Of The Month
Muse – Drones Tour

Film on TV
Before I Wake
The Snowman
Aliens Invasion S.U.M. 1
The Midnight Man
Flatliners (2017)
Happy Death Day
B & B
Father Of The Year

Eddie The Eagle - Nice feelgood movie

Top purchase
The Hobbit Board Game – Already played once and we liked it. Has a bit of re-playability.
Betrayal At The House On The Hill Board Game – Never played but like the look of it. Lots of replayability.

August has 11 days off work, a holiday in Hungary, but 0 gigs :o
Tags: eom
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